About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of people that wish for the public to practice charity with ease of mind. Thus we came up with this platform that encourages people to donate to NGO causes and charity bodies.

Our platform serves as an information hub, activities update, and also an announcement center for those in need.

This platform lists and verifies these NGOs and bodies so that we can build a charitable community with trust and transparency. Our verified NGO database helps donors and volunteers make informed decisions about which charities and non-profit projects to support.

How We Work

We strictly stand as a platform. We aim to provide a place where the charity can happen with more ease and clarity. The platform does not handle any transaction.
We will have a team to verify the legitimacy of NGOs as well as charity causes. Proper information is crucial to educate the public and empower causes.
We also welcome charity events that boost awareness of charity causes among communities.

Our Hope

We hope that everyone within our reach knows that they can impact another person in need, no matter how minor their contribution might be, it will be for a good cause.

We also want to make NGOs and charity causes easily accessed by donors and gain the recognition they needed to continue their causes. It is our ideal to realize this so that more people in need receive the help they needed.